We are QuantLR

Enabling worldwide mass deployment of Quantum Cryptography by providing the world’s lowest-cost secure solution.

The QuantLR advantage

What makes QuantLR lightyears of anyone else in this space? It comes down to: elite human capital, unique software & architecture, unmatchable scalability, true mass deployment, seamless integration with existing architecture, and a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Only QuantLR can secure the Quantum Tomorrow

QuanrLR is on a mission

To make secure, low-cost Quantum Cryptography a reality.

Experience the QuantLR difference

Our Team

QuantLR is led by worldwide experts in the field of Quantum Encryption

Nir Bar-lev QuantLR CEO

Nir Bar-Lev


Experienced leader & entrepreneur. Spent a decade at Google in senior leadership roles. Later co-founded ClearML, the world’s leading MLOps OSS platform, where Nir served as CEO and Chairman.

Yanir Farber


Accomplished entrepreneur with successful experience in technology leadership and management

Prof. Hagai Eisenberg


Professor at Hebrew University and world class expert in Quantum Optics and Quantum Communication, Sensing and Computing

Dr. Nitzan Livneh


PhD in Physics specializing in optics and quantum communication

QuantLR works with global leaders to propel the world forward into a Quantum-safe future

Nvidia Corporation is a multinational technology company that accelerates computing by addressing the entire computing stack with robust chips designed to drive continuous computing speed improvements.

PacketLight Networks develops and manufactures leading DWDM and OTN equipment for the transport of data, storage, voice and video over data center interconnect, metro and long haul fiber optic networks.

Starburst is the world’s #1 aerospace accelerator, with partners including Boeing, the U.S Air Force, General Electric, Hyundai, Lufthansa and The Harvard Business School.

CELARE established in May 2012 as a subsidiary of BATM group. BATM develops and manufactures network switching and routing equipment and systems for the last 20 years targeted mainly for Telecom, utilities and defense markets. BATM offers its customers a diversified array of innovative high speed network access and solutions.

OurCrowd’s professional team is comprised of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and geeks with decades of combined experience building businesses, raising capital, and investing in Israeli and global startups.

Labs/02 is Jerusalem’s early-stage fund and incubator, centered at the heart of the city’s innovation scene. The incubator’s core mission is to advance cutting-edge technology that will shape the future.

IAI ELTA Systems Ltd are developers of advanced defense and intelligence electronics, including sensors, radars, electronic warfare and communication systems.

SpeQtral is a spin-out company from the Centre for Quantum Technologies, developing space-based quantum communications technologies.

VentureIsrael believes in “Vision Investments” and is market and domain agnostic with an investment focus based on technology, time to market, and people.

EPIC is the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics in Europe.