QuantLR Secures Next-Generation Data Centers Against Data Breaches And Cyber Attacks With NVIDIA

Modi’in, Israel, Jan. 15, 2021 – QuantLR Ltd, a leading Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) company, today announced that it has integrated its technology with NVIDIA’s suite of networking offerings, paving the way towards a quantum-secured data center. As part of the project, QuantLR’s QKD system connected and transferred encryption keys to two NVIDIA ConnectX-6 NICs. The interface was achieved using the ETSI […]

New Quantum-Based Solution For A Major Security Agency Provided By QuantLR And A Leading Cybersecurity Company

 Modiin, Israel, Jan. 6, 2021 — QuantLR, a global leader in quantum encryption technology, in collaboration with a top cybersecurity company, will provide a major government defense agency with a new quantum security solution for the protection of sensitive information in a cloud environment. The companies are partnering to develop a first-of-its-kind solution that offers user-identification […]

QKD In Space: The Importance Of Quantum Cryptography In Orbit

Extending the reach of quantum key distribution (QKD) beyond the Earth’s atmosphere is an important step towards a more secure future. It is a way to solve the limited range a photon can travel without compromising its integrity. While the total route length of fiber optic cables on the planet exceeds 27,000 kilometers, or almost […]

Why Quantum Key Distribution Matters For Enterprise Security

The Future Of Enterprise Security Is Quantum Effective key distribution encryption is crucial for a company’s data security, adding an essential layer of protection during the transmission of confidential data. However, the classic key distribution approach offers some challenges that only quantum key distribution can address.   RSA is one good example of the classic […]

What Is Quantum Cryptography? Explained In Simple Terms

Standard encryption won’t survive the quantum age. We need a more secure form of encryption to stand up against the challenge of quantum computers. Thankfully, we have brilliant minds all over the world that are working on the solution. And that solution is Quantum cryptography.   This article explains quantum cryptography in terms that anyone […]

Is The U.S Falling Behind When It Comes To Quantum Cryptography?

With the potential to completely transform national security, cybersecurity, and communications and network infrastructure, quantum technologies demand some serious attention.   Last year, in August, the U.S government invested $1 billion to develop advanced technologies, which include investments in the field of quantum information science. This is an important investment set to fund the development […]

The 5 Most Significant Challenges Facing Quantum Cryptography

There Are Several Challenges Facing Quantum Cryptography – But The Payoff Will Be Worth It Quantum cryptography is still in its infancy in terms of practical application. The drawn-out implementation of quantum cryptography is a result of challenges regarding transmission rates and processing limitations. Currently, these issues are complicated to overcome as the need for […]

Senior FPGA Engineer

QuantLR is a Quantum Cryptography worldwide leader and has developed the world’s first and only secure, low-cost Quantum Cryptography solution using the principles of quantum physics. Our mission is to enable worldwide mass deployment of Quantum Cryptography by providing the world’s lowest cost secure Quantum Cryptography solution.   Senior FPGA Engineer   Education & Experience […]

Protecting Online Security Against Quantum Computing Threats

Quantum Computing Is The Future – Quantum Cryptography Is How That Future Will Be Protected The effects of quantum computing are about to change the landscape of online security in a huge way.   Enterprise security professionals responsible for protecting vast amounts of data critical data must have a deep understanding of how information is, […]

Quantum Cryptography In Real-World Applications

Quantum cryptography, sometimes called quantum encryption, applies quantum mechanics principles to encrypt and decrypt sensitive information securely. Quantum cryptography has various unique properties that make it the ultimate safeguard against unauthorized eavesdropping. For example, it is impossible to copy data encoded in a quantum state.  Any attempt at reading or replicating the encoded data will result […]