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Junior Physicist

Company Overview:

QuantLR is at the forefront of quantum encryption, pioneering new ground in cybersecurity. We focus on blending quantum physics, sophisticated encryption protocols, FPGA and high-speed electronics, and cutting-edge fiber/free-space optics communication to craft industry-leading encryption solutions.


Role Overview:

As a junior physicist, reporting to the optical department manager, you will lead the development of our next generation of Quantum Cryptography systems.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Design our next generation fiber and free space Quantum Cryptography systems.
  • Build advanced quantum optical systems, based on optical fibers and free space optics.
  • Test, design and perform lab and field tests during the product development.
  • Manage R&D activities of a multidisciplinary project (Optics, HW, SW, Algorithms and Mechanics).
  • Collaborate closely with subcontractors, ensuring effective communication and project alignment.
  • Engineering: Support the NPI process of the next generation Quantum Cryptography systems.


Essential Qualifications:

  • Academic: Experimental Ph.D./ MSc in Physics / Electrical Engineering
  • Experience: Minimum 2 years hands-on experience in developing and building free space or fiber based optical setups and using electrical/optical lab equipment.
  • Independent learning: Has the ability to learn independently from academic literature and scientific papers.


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Quantum Key Distribution: Familiarity with QKD theory, protocols and algorithms
  • Systems Integration capabilities: Prior experience in multidisciplinary systems (optical oriented preferred)
  • Quantum Optics: Experience with quantum optics and low-light systems
  • Engineering: Experience supporting the NPI process for a multidisciplinary system


Who We’re Looking For:

  • Curious & Self Driven: You possess a genuine interest in leading our next generation Quantum Cryptography systems design.
  • Team player: Work together with our team of experts to achieve the company goals.
  • Balanced Skill Set: While main focus is on design of Quantum Cryptography systems, you will also need to manage NPI and production.


Please apply if you believe you’re a fit for this role at: jobs@quantlr.com