Tomorrow’s Quantum Technology – Available Today

QuantLR presents the most advanced Quantum Cryptography solution in the world – ready for mass deployment

Highly advanced, completely unique

Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography are going to change every industry as we know them. QuantLR helps organizations prepare for a Quantum Tomorrow with patent-protected innovation.

Mathematical encryption is dead. Quantum Encryption is the future.

Led by worldwide experts in the field

QuantLR is led by experts in Quantum Encryption, with backgrounds in industry and academia, and holds a growing list of patents.

Technology that can be used today

QuantLR’s technology is built for real world mass deployment, using existing hardware components and dramatically
reducing costs thanks to unique architecture.

Delivering on a mission

Only QuantLR can deliver on its mission to enable worldwide mass deployment of Quantum Cryptography by providing the world’s lowest-cost secure Quantum Cryptography solution.

No complex installations

Plug and play to access the ultimate level of Quantum Cryptography/